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last days in ocean beach

a novel about climate change

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"Jim Miller manages to find real warmth in the cold light cast by our apocalyptic moment; this is a rare instance of actually dealing with, instead of attempting to 'fix,' the cascade of emotions and ideas that naturally come from the immensity of the challenges around us." -Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth
Who is Bobby Flash? Flash is a novel that follows the journey of muckracking journalist Jack Wilson as he investigates the century-old mystery of the identity of I.W.W. outlaw and revolutionary, Bobby Flash.
“Ultimately Drift seems a requiem for so many things, a noble past mashed in the dirt, and hope for a future that glimmers despite the dismal possibilities that cloud the horizon.”
--JIMMY SANTIAGO BACA, author of The Importance of a Piece of Paper
“A... fascinating history of San Diego that debunks the notion of America’s Finest City”
San Diego Magazine
Cultural Studies
Raider Nation, smitten with its outlaw mystique, provides a gritty alternative to California’s sunshine-and-granola image.