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Exciting News! Drift Is now Out in Paperback from University of Oklahoma Press!

I'm very pleased to announce that the paperback edition of my first novel Drift is available for purchase from University of Oklahoma Press here.  It includes a new preface and I will be doing a series of events in San Diego to celebrate the release soon.  Drift, with its focus on San Diego's buried history and gentrifying urban space, was one of the inspirations for the book Kelly Mayhew and I did with Mike Davis, Under the Perfect Sun: The San Diego Tourists Never See.  Mike read an early draft of Drift, and it was while I was revising it and researching Under the Perfect Sun in the California Room at the old central library that I met Matt Bokovoy, who was then working for OU Press and took an interest in and eventually published the novel.  Originally published in hardcover in 2007, Drift documents San Diego's growing class divide and the real world consequences of our city's relentless theme-parking and tourist boosterism along with peoples' disregard for our marginalized homeless population in a way that emphasizes the humanity of the dispossessed. Updates on the upcoming release events to follow.  

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