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Jim Miller is the author of the novels LAST DAYS IN OCEAN BEACH (City Works Press, 2018), FLASH (AK Press, 2010), and DRIFT (University of Oklahoma Press, 2007). He is also co-author of a history of San Diego, UNDER THE PERFECT SUN: THE SAN DIEGO TOURISTS NEVER SEE (with Mike Davis and Kelly Mayhew on The New Press, 2003) and a cultural studies book on working class sports fandom, BETTER TO REIGN IN HELL: INSIDE THE RAIDERS FAN EMPIRE (with Kelly Mayhew on The New Press, 2005). Miller is also the editor of SUNSHINE/​NOIR: WRITING FROM SAN DIEGO AND TIJUANA (City Works Press, 2005), SUNSHINE/​NOIR II: WRITING FROM SAN DIEGO AND TIJUANA (with Kelly Mayhew on City Works Press, 2015), and DEMOCRACY IN EDUCATION; EDUCATION FOR DEMOCRACY: AN ORAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS, LOCAL 1931 (AFT 1931, 2007). He has published poetry, fiction, and non-fiction in a wide range of journals and other publications, and has a weekly column in the SAN DIEGO FREE PRESS and the OB RAG.

Miller is a native San Diegan and a graduate of the MFA program at San Diego State University. In addition to his MFA in Fiction, Miller has a Ph.D. in American Culture Studies from Bowling Green State University. Miller teaches English, Humanities and Labor Studies at San Diego City College. He lives in San Diego with his wife, Kelly Mayhew, and their son, Walter.

Selected Works

"Jim Miller manages to find real warmth in the cold light cast by our apocalyptic moment; this is a rare instance of actually dealing with, instead of attempting to 'fix,' the cascade of emotions and ideas that naturally come from the immensity of the challenges around us." -Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth
Who is Bobby Flash? Flash is a novel that follows the journey of muckracking journalist Jack Wilson as he investigates the century-old mystery of the identity of I.W.W. outlaw and revolutionary, Bobby Flash.
“Ultimately Drift seems a requiem for so many things, a noble past mashed in the dirt, and hope for a future that glimmers despite the dismal possibilities that cloud the horizon.”
--JIMMY SANTIAGO BACA, author of The Importance of a Piece of Paper
“A... fascinating history of San Diego that debunks the notion of America’s Finest City”
San Diego Magazine
Cultural Studies
Raider Nation, smitten with its outlaw mystique, provides a gritty alternative to California’s sunshine-and-granola image.